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We proivde the latest hacking news and tutorials for ethical hackers looking to expand their hacking knowledge and stay up to date with the latest hacking news and updates



Ice Bucket Challenge For Financial Gains – New Scam

Email and Facebook are now a means of transport of illegal scams and redirecting users to malware location. Because of its vast users, hackers make use of these and create traffic to specific...

Website Of BJP Targeted By Hackers

Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) website and the personal website of prime minister of India Narendra Modi are the India’s most targeted sites ever by the hackers.”Many hackers trying to hack...

Anonymous Rap Song

Rap Song by “Anonymous” Hacking Group Hope you enjoy it    

Hackers Deface Pakistani Govt. Portal Insulting Pakistan Govt.

Hackers following the way of political crisis demanding the resignation of prime minister Nawaz Sharif , they hacked the Pakistani websites like Pakistan.govt.pk recently. Hackers deface by cracking...

Why You Should Invest in Soda PDF

How often have you thought, “If I could just spend more time doing what I love to do instead of being bogged down with tedious paperwork details?”. How would you like to increase your...

WiFi Flaw Can Hack WPS WiFi in seconds

Swiss security researcher Dominique Bongard discovered that many popular routers’ use a “random number generator” intended to safeguard your password but it turns out those...

Hackers Leak Mary E. Winstead Nude Pics

More than 100 celebrities, including both video and images have been leaked onto the internet by anonymous hackers. At present only a small part of the pics collection have been leaked, most of the...

5 Stupid Things Movies Believe About Hacking

Hollywood is clearly unequal parts cocaine and in-depth research. This video is how movie thinks what hacking is.Obviously they are wrong. Watch this interesting video. Hope You Enjoy