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White House Computers Breached By Hackers

Hackers thought to be working for the Russian government breached the unclassified White House computer networks in recent weeks, sources said, resulting in temporary disruptions to some services while cybersecurity teams worked to contain the intrusion. White

Xiaomi Chinese Phone, “Data Breach” And Dangerous For Users Privacy

China’s number one — and the world’s 3rd largest — smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, which is trying to make inroads into India’s booming mobile phone market, was found secretly sending users’ personal data, including IMEI numbers, phone numbers

Exploiting Bad/Default Passwords on Metasploitable2

Here I show you how to exploit some of the critical issues within Metasploitable2 that are related to default/bad passwords and back-doored services, the backdoored service is vsftpd 2.3.4. You can download Metasploitable2 from: here.

Computer Ethics

Computer ethics has its roots in the work of Norbert Wiener during World War 2. Wiener’s book included An account of the purpose of a human life Four principles of justice A powerful method for doing applied

Computer Crime

What is Computer Crime A computer crime is any illegal activity using computer software, data or access as the object, subject or instrument of the crime. Common crimes include: Crimes related to money transfer on the internet

How To Make Simple Calculator in C programming [Source Code]

This is a code made in c program .This program takes an arithmetic operator (+, -, *, /) Here copy the given code below and paste it in your c program software, check out ! /* Source

Scanning a Vulnerable Test Web Server Using Nmap

Here I show you how to use Nmap to map the network and discover potential vulnerabilities found on a test web server called Metasploitable2. Please note that this was tested on my own virtual machine, you can